Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vintage Is Alot of Work!

Ok, the front half is done! Yeah! And now we are on the back half. The more they look at the more that has to done. Brandon has been stuck doing it all alone this week and is doing a great job! He really should get another one when this one is done and do it for himself. But then again, this one will go to him in the will. LOL!! He does great work.
This is looking in from the back.
Which is not there now!
All this is gone and being re-done.
We are hanging in there it should be done soon!


  1. Hi, I am trying to catch up on reading blogs, had some big computer problems all week. I love the dishes you got and the tralier looks like it is coming along nicely.

  2. Debbie...love your vintage trailer! We just got a little Casita. Fun to decorate the inside of our trailers (in your case once the outside is done, right?).
    I really enjoy reading your blog...come visit mine some time http://mysisterscottage.blogspot.com/
    Happy Blogging!


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