Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where did the trailer go?

Every time I walked out the door more was gone. They just kept finding more and more that needs replacing. But it sure is going to be cute!!
The whole front and where the benches go is gone.

I can't believe how much they have to keep taking off. I think our neighbors think we are crazy but thats ok until its done some people just don't understand.


  1. I just found your trailer blog too.....Oh how I wish my hubby could rebuild things~SIGH

    We are already $2000 into our trailer will cost another 2 grand and then we have to repaint it again!!!!

    I know I could have bought a few more trailers instead of repairing this one but I really love our trailer.

    I need your advice on the laundry soap....we just made it last night. I have done 2 loads already. Does yours retain the fresh scent? I really do not like my always smells musty and never seems to rinse well.

    I may do a straight vinegar rinse to clean it you mix water with your soap first? How much water do you mix it with?
    Beehive cottage said a cup of HOT water. I tried that and then used a bit less on my second load. I love the idea of making my own but I want a fresh scent to my laundry too.


  2. Oh My that is a big hole. I am sure that it won't take them too long to fix that and it will be so much better.


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