Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Covering the Seats and Losing Nails!

Ok no one said this would be easy BUT no one said I would lose my nails!!!
Oh my gosh I can't believe it, first 1 breaks then I smash another....then off the came ...yes all of them. I don't think I have used the tips of my fingers for years. And now I am but it will be worth it! This is the seat after hours of scrubing!
This us what the back looked like...

This is the fabric I decided to cover the seats with...

1 down and 1 to go!

A tricky middle so it can sit up. I am so excited I have 1 done! The seats match the curtain fabric I will have to take a picture tommorrow for you. I am so excited! I got the drawer pulls too. Oh and plates and pans....can you tell I can't wait! Ok I will talk to you tommorrow after I take more pictures!

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  1. I just love the red gingham, what a perfect choice. About your nails, man that is tough work and easy to ruin nails on. They will grow back. The trailer is looking good!


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