Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bead Board Is In!

Those cuts can be tricky but with Ryan and Brandon!

Or so they keep telling me...hahahaha

Looking Good!

We just might make it!

Who Has the Dumb Dumb Tape?

They are working so hard! Whe have to have this done enough so we can stay in it for the family reunion....And I think they will make it. It won't all be done but I think it will be done enough to sleep in.

It is looking so good!

I love it when they work together!

The bead board is going on the walls...Wow!

The window is in!

The Fun Just Keeps Coming?

I am so glad our boys are helping with the trailer! They are the best helpers!

It has been so hot here I wish the trailer would have fit in our garage for some shade.

Framing in the windows and getting ready to put up wood on the inside...its getting so exciting!

Where did the trailer go?

Every time I walked out the door more was gone. They just kept finding more and more that needs replacing. But it sure is going to be cute!!
The whole front and where the benches go is gone.

I can't believe how much they have to keep taking off. I think our neighbors think we are crazy but thats ok until its done some people just don't understand.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Floor is In!

It is starting to look like we are getting somewhere! I love the floor. And I think with the curtains and quilts it will be beautiful.

Have any of you watched "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucile Ball? It was such a cute show. and so funny...I haven't watched any old movies for a long time it made me want to sit the rest of the day and watch old movies. And you know I think I will....
See you soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decorating Vintage!

Look how darling this quilt is! I was going to make the quilt for the bed until I found this one! I ordered it from Country Door. I am hoping it matches and I think it will. I did start the quilt for the bed the table makes into. You can see it at I found the pattern at Blackbird designs blog. That will come out when we use the bed.
These are the curtains! They are the valances and I am putting lace under the valance.

I am almost done with the lace curtains. I am so excited to get it all put together...I know I am jumping the gun on this stuff but wait until you see the dishes......hahahahaha I am so ready!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ripping Out More But Putting in the Floor!

Now out came the seats! It just seem more keeps coming out !
The wall by the seats is off now too!

I am thinking this was a bigger project than I thought it would be!

Look how nice the new floor is looking. And it feels so solid!

And its insulated too.

Now comes the pretty part! Flooring!

Oh my Gosh! It is now looking like we are getting somewhere. I am so excited.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Now Comes the Ucky Stuff!

Ok I am willing to admit it....I am such a girl! I am so glad my husband can do the ucky stuff !
I was the garbage detail. He ripped out the floor and I threw away. Well... except the dead mice bodies!!! UUUUccckkyyy! I think this is the grosses part least I am hoping.

And the new floor is going to be so cute...
we picked a vinyl that looks like hard wood floors.
I just keep wonder how those little mice got in there....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Covering the Seats and Losing Nails!

Ok no one said this would be easy BUT no one said I would lose my nails!!!
Oh my gosh I can't believe it, first 1 breaks then I smash another....then off the came ...yes all of them. I don't think I have used the tips of my fingers for years. And now I am but it will be worth it! This is the seat after hours of scrubing!
This us what the back looked like...

This is the fabric I decided to cover the seats with...

1 down and 1 to go!

A tricky middle so it can sit up. I am so excited I have 1 done! The seats match the curtain fabric I will have to take a picture tommorrow for you. I am so excited! I got the drawer pulls too. Oh and plates and pans....can you tell I can't wait! Ok I will talk to you tommorrow after I take more pictures!

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