Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1947 Vintage!

This is going to be our Heirloom Inn! This 1947 Kit Companion trailer may not look like much now but it is going to be so cute!! My Husband and I decided to start camping after 35 years of marriage and what better way to begin than by restoring a vintage trailer! And all the vintage trailers I looked at on the internet have names and I had to have a name before we started!

This is an inside picture before we started! Look how cute the stove is. And I love the counter tops. I am thinking we should do this in white, black and red. I have the best Husband he just keeps saying "Whatever you want". No wonder hes lasted so long! Hahahaha!


  1. Let me be the first to comment...GOOD for You!!
    I love finding Vintage trailer blogs.

    I bet it is going to be so Cuuute.....when you are finished. It has great character now.

    My Fireball still does not have a name.....LOL

  2. Hello Debbie!

    It's me again...Maryjane! I love this darling blog to! What a hoot! We seem to love a lot of the same things! also been married 38 years and have 4 kids, all married with babes of their own.

    I love you trailer and so looking forward to seeing the progress of it! It really has some nice bones and a '47! Wow!

    Looking forward to getting to know you more! I live in Murrieta, CA. Are we close to each other?!!!


  3. I love your trailer. I just got a vintage trailer and I am trying to figure out what kind it is. It's rather large and needs some work. It is very similar to yours just much larger.


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